Thursday, August 29, 2013

Super Mom?

A sweet Mom brought up in Bible study yesterday something we are ALL familiar with. It's the suffocating American facade that is seemingly perpetually set before us of 'Super Mom'. The Truth is there are no Super Moms.

So we can all RELAX. Ahhhhhhh. The Pressure is OFF y'all!

We all know we like to present ourselves a certain way in public...and ain't no better place to do that than Facebook. BUT, while there's nothing wrong in having it 'somewhat' together - or even mostly together - let's just keep it real. For the sake of all of us, please.

Now, I'm cool with the fact that some of us Moms are, in all truth, just more efficient at our jobs.  And yet some of us, like me, are still learning what true efficiency looks and feels like!  I think the LORD put us Untogetherlies to balance the Earth.  :)  I do observe those Moms who beautifully work more efficiently - it benefits me and mine.  Still, Super Mom is an illusion.  Don't forget that.

So, in all our earthly pursuits of excellence, may we ask ourselves 'Am I bringing glory to ADONAI in the way I present myself? Am I bringing glory to His Name in the way I care for my family?' Because that's our purpose, ya know...

'to be conformed to the IMAGE OF CHRIST (Romans 8:29) by the SPIRIT OF CHRIST bringing glory to God through authentic FRUITFUL DISCIPLESHIP (John 15:8)'

Sooooo, in honor of this, I hereby declare Fridays I AIN'T FRONTIN' FRIDAY.

Ya know, along with all the 'Hey, look at what I've done spectacularly well' pictures we post, let's take some time to add a few REALITY pics...for the sake of balance.

Please understand, I'm not promoting complacency or glorifying stinky dwellings.  I'm just saying as we PURSUE EXCELLENCE TOGETHER...let's remember that it's....well, TOGETHER.  

Hmmmm, the question is which area of my untogether shall I capture????

I'll go first...but you'll have to wait 'til tomorrow....cause y' ain't Friday!

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