Friday, August 30, 2013

I Ain't Frontin' Friday

Okay, Ladies....this is I AIN'T FRONTIN' FRIDAY!!!  Probably the first ever.  I know you must've been all waiting by your computers to see my cray cray first thing this here goes.

Due to circumstances beyond my control (nap), THIS is what my kitchen looked like most of Thursday. 

Now mind you, trying to get four kids out of the front door before 7:45 in the morning is a tour de force in and of itself.  So, I've greatly enjoyed strolling back (with a cup of coffee in hand) from walking child #4 to school, followed closely by getting on my computer, acknowledging the mess that's left from the morning rush...THEN I just sit.  Breathe.  I then contemplate going for a nice walk. 

Let me clarify, I didn't nap all day...but, somehow, my motivation set in around 2:49 p.m. and then it was time to go pick up my 'Walker'.  Yes, WD fans, that's what they call the kiddos whose mode of transportation is their feet.  I giggle a little every time I hear the term...

So, back to the dog....

I go through the trouble to put on her harness as she's the most reluctant going-for-a-walk dog that I've ever known.  

However that didn't last long because Bella was lazy...either that, or she was like 'Um, remember Lady, my coat is black and it's....errrr already 95 degrees here in Texas?'   Either that, or she was simply refusing to walk past the big dog on the corner.  Who knows?  Either way, Bella won.

So, I did what any Mom would do whose dog messed up their morning workout routine.  I came back and ate some banana nut bread and milk.  No picture, because I ate it all.

In my attempt to live a little...and to live well, THIS was my lunch.  Yes, after the banana nut bread.  I said 'was'.  Yep.  'Twas chili cheese fries.  And it wasn't mere chili cheese was LAST NIGHT's chili cheese fries (who eats leftover chili cheese fries anyhow?) that I threw a bunch of spinach and EVOO over the top of in an effort to make it 'healthy'.  I can hear Tim Hawkins' prayer now...'LORD, please turn this cheese puff into a carrot stick on the way down' spoof.  I ain't gonna was good stuff.

And this, my friends, is my failed attempt to beautify Prosper.  I mean, really.  I definitely need help with that one as well....

I thought about posting a picture of something very scary...what I look like first thing in the morning...but, that's just taking it a little too far, y'all.

So, there you have it.  I'm sure there were paaaa-lenty of better Kodak moments I could've captured, but I was probably running around barking orders, wiping up dog pee, stepping in dog poop, yelling from downstairs at the kids upstairs who refuse to get to breakfast on time, explaining to a child why baths are still necessary tonight even though she had one last night, or I was off to the store to purchase less than lovely Walmart produce. 

Y'all better share your I AIN'T FRONTIN' pics with me as well!  'Cause I know I'm not the only UnSuper MOM around these here parts...

Shalom & Love,

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